Gettin' Thrifty with It

Sorry for that title...kinda gross, huh? I'm nerdy like that, though...  

Hopefully I still have you attention; I really want everyone to know why it's such a good thing to do some thrifting or second-hand shopping when you're trying to redo a space. I know garage sales and thrift stores aren't always the most appealing places to buy (for some folks), but you can really get great deals and very unique items! 

Thrifted hand-made wooden crate. ||

I'm not saying you will be able to completely restyle your space this way...although, I do love a challenge...but you can make a lot of headway to filling-out your decor! 

Thrifted Target lamp shade. ||
Thrifted yellow, white, and gray throw pillows. ||
Thrifted orange and white striped vase and light blue candle holder. ||
Two thrifted blue and white damask lampshades, and basket. ||

Two thrifted blue and white damask lampshades, and basket. ||

If you're feeling the urge to give your space a face-lift, try popping some tags and hitting up the thrift stores first. You'll make your dollars go farther and will be able to find very unique items!  


Stay Stylish,