Front and Center{ish}


A bookshelf, of any kind, seems to be such a great thing in a home; it can offer tons of space for our stuff...books (obvs), knick-knacks, name it, a bookshelf can hold it. The reality of this piece of furniture, or built-in, is that it often becomes an eye-sore, acting as a catch-all for items without a specific home or simply a space to fill because it's there. 

One way I like to add style to a bookshelf is to utilize not only the top  of the shelf, but also the front. This is a snazzy way to show off your family photos, cool printables from fun Etsy shops, or even some fantastic thrifted water colors. This technique also allows for more depth and layering within your vignettes and takes up space that you then won't have to fill in with a decorative piece. 

Bookshelves styled with photographs, monogram art, and books. ||
Built-in bookshelf styled with photographs. ||
Photographs attached to the front of shelves using Command Strips. ||

I used Command Strips to attach the canvases to this client's built-ins, so I didn't have to worry about putting holes into the wood by using nails. The great thing about Command Strips is that they are easy to install, as well as remove...and they come in different strengths, depending on the weight of the item you're hanging. 

Where there's a will, there's a way. Don't limit your design ideas to how it's always been, or how you think a certain piece should be used. There are limitless options in the world of home just have to be willing to look beyond the norm. 

Stay Stylish,