Fancy Pants

Vignette. It might sound like a fancy decorating word, but it's really just a term for a collection of items in a space that all tell a story with your home decor.

Grouping of monogram letters. ||

You can show some love for your family's surname with a grouping of different shapes, colors, and textures of the first letter in the name.  


Red, white, and blue bird print pillow on a leather seat. ||

Or try mixing prints of your favorite trips taken with your family, either representing the destinations themselves or, maybe, a group shot you recreate on all your vacations. For this client's family of 6, I added a big, bold numeral to the display. 

Built-In shelves decorated with pictures. ||

If you want to create a quick and inexpensive vignette, try grouping family photographs into one spot. Placing the photos together makes more of an impact than if they are displayed randomly throughout a space. 

Vignettes allow you to tell little stories throughout your house about your family and the life you share together. Bonus, they also let you create some order in your spaces; instead of having items strewn all over your house, you can have like items pulled together in your displays. 

It's time to tell your story!


Stay Stylish,