Curtain Call

When it comes to home decor and styling, the sky really is the limit! Whether you have expensive taste {like I do} and can't quite swing the price of a piece, or an accessory is just a jumping off point for something bigger and better...let your imagination run wild and make your home decorating dreams come true! 

Ruffle curtains hanging on a window. ||

I had been pining for these gorgeous Anthropologie curtains for a long while when I had an epiphany: make your own. It was a short realization, though...b/c my sewing skills went about as far as the pillow I barely seamed together in 8th grade Home-Ec. You know I didn't give up there, though; I've discussed my one-track-mind in a previous blog post. Read it, you'll like it.  

Ruffle curtains behind an over-sized chair. ||

Fast forward to me finding one talented seamstress, Miss Jodee. Not only did she sign on to my hair-brained project, but she was excited about it. Even when I threw the curve of using painters' drop cloths instead of actual fabric, she not only said yes, but finished the curtains by saying she had fun.  Oh, silly, Jodee...  

Living room furniture layout, and ruffly window-treatments. || 

So even if you have an outrageous want for your house, something you can't live without, but just can't swing for some reason...don't lose hope! There are crazy, talented Jodee's in the world who want to harness your vision and make your styling dreams come true! They'll have fun doing it...and who are we to deny these fine folks their creative destinies?! 

Stay Stylish,