Sometimes I have a one.track.mind. Okay, I always do...but that can be a really good thing, I promise! My unwavering focus on certain things is how i get things done. This might be to the annoyance of others, but who am I to stand in the way of progress?  

One of my favorite projects that I just couldn't shake from my mind is my commercial grade mixer whip light fixture. {what I'm not good at...coming up with clever names for a commercial grade mixer whip light fixture. If you could, that would be great, m'k?} 

First things first, I had to get my hands on this beautiful attachment. I scoured Craigslist, as far away as 100+ miles. Found one for $300. Was I willing to pay that? Sure...if I didn't have to drive 100+ both ways...but you know I was thinking about it hard. Intense internal debate.

I finally found this beauty {below} after visiting a local restaurant supply company. I actually thought I was out of luck, mostly because the guy helping me couldn't fathom what I was even talking about wanting to do. Finally, a light bulb {get it?} went off, and he came back from their second-hand store-room with my soon-to-be whip light! 

Commercial grade mixer whip against a brick wall. ||

Much to my hubby's chagrin, I kind of wanted the pendant light installed like the instant I walked through the door. I'm pretty sure this was on one of our last days of vacation...he just wanted to have a relaxing day. Not on my watch! So...after a few tense moments and a few stripped wires, my creation was complete!  

Mixer whip light fixture. ||

We had to finagle the bulb in a little, but it was much worth the effort. My masterpiece was intact and ready to glow, baby. 

Close up of a re-purposed mixer whip as a light fixture. ||

Don't be hindered by what you see in stores for home decor or accessories. Think outside of the box AND harness that imagination and focus...your tenacity might just yield one of your best projects yet. I know that's how it works for me.  

Mixer whip light fixture above a metal shelf decorated with colorful vintage dishes. ||

Stay Stylish {and whip it good},