Top 5 Tricks to Decorate Your Home

No matter what your style, here are 5 tricks I always use when decorating a home to round-out and finish the spaces.

1. Remove what doesn’t belong. I’m not an organizer (that’s a whole other monster), but I do know it is worth taking the time to scan your space and remove items that don’t need to live there. This action will help to lighten the space and allow you extra real estate to bring in extra décor and accessories.

Top 5 Tricks To Decorate Your Home. ||

2. Add some green. I bring in at least one living plant to every client’s space that I work with. I know plants can be intimidating, but there are several options that are low-maintenance and relatively hard to kill (thank goodness for this girl). If you just don’t think you can handle the responsibility of caring for a real plant, there are so many artificial options available. These aren’t the frou-frou silk flowers of the past, instead, there are cool succulents and fresh grasses to choose from. Whatever kind of plants you choose to use, you can fill in blank spots, round out a vignette, or add a pops of color and texture to the space.

Coffee table tray with a plant, vintage books, and a vintage milk jar. ||
Coffee cup with greenery and a table lamp on a living room end table. ||

3. Turn on the lights. I like to layer lighting: over-head, floor lamps, table lamps (spaced throughout the room), and even candles. By using different types of lighting, you can create a warm and inviting glow throughout the space and highlight specific areas.

Wall decor in a master bedroom. ||
Lamp and home accents on a dresser full of quilts. ||

4. Pillows and throws. I know this can be a highly-contested subject in a lot of homes. Pillows, especially, seem to be a love/hate thing. I get it. They look great when no one is sitting on the couches or chairs, but as soon as it’s time to get comfortable, where are they supposed to go? My suggestion is to have a couple of larger baskets as a specific home for the pillows and throws when they're in the way on the furniture. This is a win-win for everyone! You get to keep these colorful and important layering pieces and everyone else gets to feel a little less frustrated with them being around.

Living Room with styled built-ins and shelves. ||
Master bedroom bed with lots of throw pillows as decor. || RustopiaConsulting,com

5. Use vertical space. A vignette can be completely transformed by creating taller layers within it. Any number of decorative items can be used to add height: books, pedestals, candle holders, or boxes. Taking your displays vertical will help the décor you already have to look new and fresh, and will also help to fill in empty spaces.

Blue Buffet styled with a lamp, books, and flowers. ||
Wooden orb on a stack of tan and green books as home decor. ||

Decorating and styling your home will be easier and less-intimidating if you follow these easy-to-use tips. The best part, you don't have to spend a lot of money to make your house a home; none of the above steps require you to buy anything. Shopping your own home should give you all the props you need to create the look you want!

Stay stylish,