Growing up, my dad always said that because wasn't an answer. We couldn't use it to explain why we felt a certain way or why we did something. Well...I'm an adult now...and so are you. If you're having trouble answering why it's ok to hire someone to help style your home, the answer is...because.  


Metal shelving decorated with colorful vintage dishes. ||

Because life's too short to have a list of wishes and wants for your house, only never to achieve them.  


A mantel decorated with several letter N's behind a couch and end table. ||

Because a family room should reflect the personalities of the people who use it! 

Colorful quilts hanging from vintage hooks. ||

Because you should show off what you love to do, or something you're really gifted quilting! 

Built-ins styled with pictures, books, and monogram pieces. || 

Because you shouldn't wait until you're in the perfect scenario, with the perfect accessories...or flooring...or furniture. It's amazing how what you already own can actually work!  

Beautifully decorated dining room and living room spaces. ||

Because even if "decorating" isn't your thing, you will really enjoy having a space that is grown-up and nicely styled.  


Vintage wire crates as the base of an end table. ||

Because the moment is now to take all those decorations you've been holding onto, never knowing where they should be displayed or or how they should be arranged...and ask for help!'re worth it! 



Stay Stylish, 



interior decorator--des moines, iowa