Designing Men

When I first started talking to people about the idea I had for this business of mine...for decorating people's homes to reflect who they are, the lifestyles they lead...I thought only women would be interested. 

I'm learning the more I bring the subject up, though, that men are {almost} just as interested. They may not know everything that's fashionable in home decor right now...and that's ok by me...but most of them are not only curious about what I have to say, but may even have an opinion or two! 


Vintage globe decor. ||

We all look to our homes as a place to retreat from the world, to be with the people we love. It makes sense, then, that men would care somewhat about having a home that is in order, that looks nice for visitors, and is filled with pieces that remind them of happy times in their lives.  

Pink and yellow hutch decorated with vintage dishes, a license plate sign that says "home sweet home", and other vintage pieces. ||

Now, men may not care if they have a pallet wall, or a chalkboard, or a fiddle leaf plant...but if you ask them, they might just have something to say about what pictures to hang or where to position the couch.  

Hopefully this post isn't too controversial...I mean, I'm still probably calling most of the decor shots in our house. Clearly, I have a fuchsia cabinet with heart garland for Pete's sake! :)

Stay Stylish,  


Interior Decorator--Des Moines, Iowa