Risky Business

Rules are made to be broken...especially when it comes to decorating your house. Whether it's color, pattern, texture, or subject matter...if it makes you happy...listen to your instincts! 

A chalkboard wall as a headboard. || RustopiaConsulting.com

A chalkboard wall in lieu of a headboard. 

Cake pedestal with a vintage horse figurine and vintage green bottle on top. || RustopiaConsulting.com

Outdoor accessories used inside in a pretty way.  

Vintage wire crates as the base of an end table. || RustopiaConsulting.com

The blend of different styles and eras. 

Americana decorations hanging on a turquoise front door. || RustopiaConsulting.com

A front door painted a bold color. 

Vintage sheet music as a wall covering with a be kind and brave sign hanging. || RustopiaConsulting.com 

An unusual wall covering...sheet music strikes just the right note. {you're welcome}.  


Pictures clipped to string hanging across a wall. || RustopiaConsulting.com

A revolving display for pictures of your favorite people and moments; a constant reminder of what makes you happy and why you work so hard! 

Whatever you've been wanting to try in your home, dare to do it! It will make you smile, I promise. 

Stay Stylish, 



Interior Decorator -- Des Moines, Iowa