Big Statement, small price

No matter what your style is, you probably have something artsy on your walls. Nature prints, florals, mid-mod graphic...whatever your taste, there are tons of options to add some interest to your space!  

I love to shop Etsy for amazing {but reasonably-priced} printables. The process is so easy-breezy! Pick the print you want, purchase said print, email it to your local printer {or transfer it onto a flash drive to print in the store} with instructions on how you'd like it printed, and then pick up the final {amazing} product! 

I ordered this print for a client recently. I received it as a jpeg to be printed as an 8"x10". Now, that would've been cute enough, but I wanted something more. I wanted it to be a major statement piece in the space. Enter engineering prints. Pricing varies {this one was a little more because of the color,} but most are less than $10. Add an inexpensive frame from the Wally World...voila! 

The only thing that has me more excited than completing this little project...getting to see it in my client's space. To be continued...

Stay Stylish,