Dude Cave

I got to work on a really fun project this last weekend. I transitioned a little boy's room from being car-themed to having more of an "adventure" feel.  

Hub caps on the wall as wall decor over a red console table. || RustopiaConsulting.com

One of the best parts of the restyle is that the clients didn't have to buy a lot of big things...the budget mostly went toward some new accessories. 

White dresser under a loft bed with a tin accent wall. || RustopiaConsulting.com 

The loft bed was a sizable purchase, but the clients will be able to move the dresser out and place a desk underneath when their son is ready. The dresser works fine where it is now because the little guy is, well...little. As he gets taller, taking the dresser out from under the bed will make it easier for him to use. I'm assuming by this time, he won't be using the teepee tent anymore...perfect new spot for the dresser! 

Striped teepee tent with a yellow beanbag chair inside. || RustopiaConsulting.com

I moved the red console table next to the bed and reused the lamp, changing the look with a new shade. By moving the red table, I created space for a cubby organizer the clients already owned. 

Cubby organizer with gray and yellow bins, kids books, and a fish tank. || RustopiaConsulting.com

The cubbies gave me room for the little guy's books and his new fish tank! Not only does the piece add height and interest to the space, but it also adds so much storage. It will help the clients to keep the space clean and open. 

Striped teepee tent with a yellow beanbag chair inside. || RustopiaConsulting.com

Open space for a super-cool teepee tent...complete with a bright yellow bean bag chair!  

Stay Stylish,