3 Steps for Styling Budget-Friendly Wall Art


Filling your walls with art doesn’t have to break the bank. I’m sharing my 3 steps with you on how to frame and style wall art that only looks expensive!

  1. Select—There are endless options for art to frame, but choosing a grouping of prints will have the most impact in your space; four or more framed pieces will have the optimum effect. You can find some of my favorites HERE, HERE, and HERE. Try to look for subject matters that are interesting to you, that blend well with your style, or that have a special meaning to you.

  2. Frame—This step couldn’t be easier! I have one type of frame that I always suggest, and it’s made for this project. These frames are easy to use (follow the directions on the package and you’ll do great) and they look sharp on the wall. (Click HERE for more info.)

  3. Hang—Don’t worry, this part’s easy if you know how to do it! First, I use Command Strips to hang these types of frames. They’re light enough that the Command products hold them well (one set on either side of the frame) and it’s easier to hang in the grid pattern that makes the framed art look best. Second, hang the bottom row first, leveling each frame with the next. I like to leave approximately 2” between each frame, but you can decide what looks best for your space. Once you have the bottom row hung, you’ll do the same process with the next row up, leaving the same amount of space between the top and bottom of the rows, as well as, between each frame in the row itself.


You can find these prints HERE, but unfortunately, they are currently unavailable. 😞

And there you have it! Trust me, once you’ve used these 3 steps, your walls will never be blank again!