3 Tips for Styling Shelves

3 Tips for Styling Shelves by H.Prall & Co. | hprallandco.com

Styling your home shouldn’t be overwhelming; if you break-down the process into bite-size nuggets, it’s so much more enjoyable!

Shelf Styling by H.Prall & Co. | hprallandco.com

3 Tips for Styling Shelves

1. Allow breathing room—Don’t fill each shelf completely.

2. Alternate display pattern—Place accessories in staggered groupings from shelf to shelf.
Shelf 1: One group of decorative items in the middle.
Shelf 2: Two groups of decorative items set to either side of the mid-point. Repeat these steps until your shelves are styled!

3. Incorporate different shapes and heights—Create interest in your display by using not only framed objects, but also sculptural pieces such as orbsstarbursts, and candlesticks. Height can be added for little expense with books!