4 Tips to Shop Like a Pro


I recently had a friend make a pilgrimage to the holy IKEA and she was so excited to get a few things for their new house. I gave her a little list of things I would look for to finish her space and then told her to be sure to measure all the places she might be buying décor for. Well, life got in the way, and she forgot to measure, so she couldn’t buy as much as she wanted and ended up with one item that didn’t work at all. The saving-grace of it, though, is nothing at IKEA is too expensive, so she wasn’t out a ton of money—also, her boys are enjoying playing make-believe with her ill-fitting dish rack. HA!

This got me thinking it might be helpful for me to share my 4 Tips to Shop Like a Pro—things I do when shopping for a client. Hopefully you’ll be able to use these tips the next time you’re headed out, so your trip can be more efficient + successful.


Hopefully your next shopping trip will be successful and more fun, keeping these tips in mind!

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