Big Boy Bedroom Mood Board

Big Boy Bedroom Mood Board Design from H.Prall & Co. Interior Decorating |

I was polling my Instagram family the other day for what kind of mood boards they'd like to see, because I needed some inspiration, and want to make sure I'm sharing the things that people need in my posts! (You can find me on Instagram HERE.) I got some great responses and was excited to get started on the first from the list! There was no rhyme or reason for the one I picked to create first, it was just really and eeny, meeny, miny, moe type of scenario. This month's mood board is meant to bring inspiration to anyone who has a little boy who's outgrowing his baby bedroom and needs a space he can grow into. The pieces I've chosen can work for the younger guys, with age-appropriate accessories and decor, and grow-up with them into their older years, switching-out some of the more youthful decor for some more grown-up pieces. I love the storage that the bed frame affords, because space can definitely be an issue in a lot of kids' bedrooms. The leaning ladder desk is also great because it doesn't take up much space and, also has room to store a few things. The fun pops of print in the sheets, pillows, and area rug, are just enough to keep the space interesting without overwhelming it. I love the texture of the floor poufs as well...and they will definitely be a favorite for the young guys. The green wall sconce lights have me swooning with their color and design--bonus, they plug in, so no pesky wiring needed! I hope you get some inspiration from this mood board...even if you don't have any little guys living at your house. There is a lot of great design take-away from this inspiration board, that could even be translated to a living room or family room, with just a few furniture tweaks. Happy decorating!