Budget-Friendly Cake Pedestal Makeover


I think we’d all admit to liking a good deal, and to me, there’s none better than finding just what you’re looking for at the thrift store! Sometimes, though, the treasures we score when shopping second-hand might need a little love + attention.


1. Cake pedestal (could use a wide candlestick).

2. Tray or plate.

3. Hot glue gun + glue (find HERE) or E6000 adhesive (you can buy that HERE).


1. Lay the plate or tray on top of the cake pedestal to see where it touches so you know where to put the glue (make a mark in those spots if you need help remembering or being accurate).

2. Apply glue to the top of the cake pedestal where you will be attaching the tray or plate.

3. Place tray or plate onto glued area, making sure that you have both pieces centered.

4. Apply pressure for 1 minute and then place something with weight on top to help the glue keep both pieces bonded; I suggest letting it sit for 24 hours before removing whatever weight you’ve used.

Once you’ve let the glue set for 24 hours, you can style your cake pedestal! I love using these by a sink to hold hand soap (these are my favorites—HERE), a candle (I give this candle to all of my styling clients—HERE), and a small plant (this one is perfect—HERE) — they’re also great to use as a table centerpiece or as added height on a shelf.