Decluttering Made Easy

Decluttering Made Easy from H. Prall & Co. |

If you’re anything like I am, clearing out the clutter feels amazing, but can also be overwhelming.

One thing I’ve done recently to help with our decluttering process is to add a laundry basket by our side door. Anything we’re not using or loving gets tossed into the basket; once the basket is full…it gets donated.

Decluttering Made Easy from H.Prall & Co. |
Decluttering Made Easy from H.Prall & Co. |

Since we walk by the laundry basket every time we leave the house, we can’t ignore it. Bonus, there’s something gratifying about tossing items into the basket…so FREEING! If you need your discard basket to be a little cuter, you can find one of my faves HERE!

Here’s to good luck on your own decluttering projects!

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