Dining Room Revamp

Dining Room Revamp from H.Prall & Co. Interior Decorating | hprallandco.com

I worked with a client recently to lighten + brighten her dining room and I’m so excited with the results! I provided her a Custom Shopping List she could shop from directly, but also to give her ideas if she wanted to shop around a bit. She ended up doing a little of both and I love how it all turned out. The beauty of the Custom Shopping List is our clients get a list of items they wouldn’t necessarily have found on their own or would have even looked for…and if they do a little shopping on their own, the space truly does reflect their personal taste and lifestyle!

The big changes in the room came from taking the wall color from a dark burgundy red to a light gray. The homeowners landed on Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray and they took the color through their entire main level. They also removed the heavy window coverings, letting the sunshine pour in!

In addition, they purchased a new dining table, selecting one that’s counter-height because that’s most comfortable for their family. You can find the one they bought HERE.

The other big pieces chosen for the room were:

Baker’s Rack-HERE

Corner Shelf-HERE


Chandelier Light Fixture-HERE

Wall Hooks-Similar one HERE

The curtains hadn’t been hung yet for install day, but you can find the ones she chose HERE (in Winter White).

Dining Room Revamp-1
Dining Room Revamp-2
Dining Room Revamp-3
Dining Room Revamp-4
Dining Room Revamp-5
Dining Room Revamp-6
Dining Room Revamp-7
Dining Room Revamp-8
Dining Room Revamp-9
Dining Room Revamp-10
Dining Room Revamp-11
Dining Room Revamp-12
Dining Room Revamp-13
Dining Room Revamp-14

You can find more information about our services, including the Custom Shopping List HERE.