Documents Required for Pre-Approval

Documents Required for Pre-Approval from H.Prall & Co. |

Selling your home and buying a new one is definitely an overwhelming process. One hurdle we needed to get over was our pre-approval. I put it off because, well…because I’m kind of lazy…and didn’t want to locate all the information. I finally put on my big girl panties and gathered all the things, submitted them, and (ta-da!) we were pre-approved.

Documents Required for Pre-Approval from H.Prall & Co. |

I’m sure all lending institutions are different, so you may end-up having to provide more than this, but here’s a check-list of the documents I had to give the bank:

  1. 2-Years of W2’s

  2. 2-Months of Bank Statements

  3. 2-Years Federal Tax Returns

  4. Driver’s License

  5. 30-Days of Pay Stubs

  6. Total of Assets

We also had to answer A LOT of questions, but those were all things we could answer easily…without having extra information on-hand. This entire process is done through an online portal, so I had to keep leaving to find the documents they were requiring (including scanning them into the computer). I got logged-out several times because it was taking me so long. Had I known what was going to be required, I would have gathered everything ahead of time, scanned, and then started the online process.

Documents Required for Pre-Approval from H.Prall & Co. |

Hopefully this will save you some time and headache…helping to alleviate a tiny bit of the stress of your move!


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