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So, I have a little favor today. Well, maybe it’s a big favor…go big or go home, right? You see, I have a goal of reaching 10,000 FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM by the end of the year. Having that many followers gives me the swipe-up option in my Instagram story and that makes sharing information + links with you so.much.easier. I’m making some gains, but I definitely NEED YOUR HELP!

If you haven’t followed me on Instagram yet, I would love it and be so happy if you did! You can do that HERE! Now, here’s where a little more work and a lot of love come into play. Once you’ve followed me, would you be willing to share my Instagram account on your Instagram and Facebook accounts? You can do this a couple of ways (THIS WILL WORK BEST ON A MOBILE DEVICE):


  • Download the REPOST APP. Then, open Instagram on your mobile device and find one of my posts you’d like to share (you can find me HERE). Up in the top corner of the post, there are 3 dots in a row. Click the dots and select COPY LINK from the drop-down menu. Open the REPOST APP. The app will then show you the link that you just copied. Select the link and hit REPOST. It will then give you options of where to open the link. Select COPY TO INSTAGRAM. Instagram will then open and you can select to share in your STORY or FEED. Either way is fine with me! If you share in your story, be sure to tag me (hprallandco) so I can thank you!


  • Take a screen-shot of my profile and share it in your Instagram story. Remember to tag me (hprallandco) so I can be sure to tell you thanks!


  • If the first 2 options seem too tough, you can simply tag some friends in my posts! Easy, peasy!


  • In Instagram, go to the top of MY PROFILE and select the 3 dots in the right-hand corner. Select COPY PROFILE URL from the drop-down menu. Open Facebook and select POST like you normally would to share something. Paste the URL into your post and encourage your friends and family to give me a follow in Instagram.


  • If the first option seems too tough, you can simply tag some friends in my posts! Easy, peasy!

Hopefully this all makes sense! If you really want to help, but can’t figure out how to do it, reply to this email and I’ll walk you through it!

Thank-you so much for even considering doing this! I’ll probably be asking again in the future, so have patience with me. After-all…you gotta ask for what you want, right?

Thank-you in advance, friend!