Fool Proof Patio Plant

We're talking a fool proof patio plant over at

Do you have a black thumb? Then I have you covered! This is a fool-proof combo for a pretty patio w/o worrying that your plants are going to die.

1. Stylish planter (you can buy this one HERE).

We're talking fool proof patio plants and unique planter options over at

2. Hardy Mums (you can read more about them HERE).

We're talking hardy mums and unique planter options over at

(Image courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens)

Mums are beautiful and very easy to care for. Bonus, many varieties can be planted in the ground after you've enjoyed them in your patio pots--then you can enjoy them for years to come! The plant that keeps on giving! 

When planting, you’ll want to drill some holes in the bottom of the trash can for drainage. I also like to fill the bottom with light packing material, cardboard, or whatever you have on hand to help fill some of the space so you don’t have to fill the whole thing with dirt.