Gordmans Grand Opening Tour

I’m sharing my Gordmans grand opening tour over at hprallandco.com! | H.Prall and Co. Interior Decorating

The Gordmans Grand Opening Event was so fun to shop this last week! I shared the whole thing with my Instagram fam, did you get a chance to catch it? Just in case you didn’t, I’m sharing my finds with you here too because they’re just too good to keep to myself!

Gordmans Grand Opening Tour-1

Gordmans is celebrating 38 new stores nationwide by hosting a Grand Opening Tour! The tour was in Des Moines, IA this week and they celebrated big time with giveaways for the first 100 people through the door, plus great prices, as always! Since I made it into the store as one of the first 100, I got a $5 coupon and an insulated tote—that will come in handy this summer! While I was there, I got to see the winner of the $105 gift card! It was an older couple and it made me super happy they won!

I went into my shopping trip with a plan, but once I was in the store, I found some different pieces that changed my whole focus, but that’s ok because I love what I got!

First things first, I toured the entire home décor section to scope out what was available. I wanted to make sure I was maximizing my budget and picking out pieces that I knew would go perfectly in our house! The store is set up in easy-to-shop sections with so much to chose from! I was able to find interior decorations I could use and more. If you haven’t heard of Gordmans, or maybe haven’t shopped there in a while, you can find out more about their stores HERE.

Gordmans Grand Opening Tour-2

I was super impressed with the faux plant selection! They had a wide variety of styles and colors, all at great prices. I couldn’t get enough of the beautiful orchids, in all different colors, and most were priced at $19.99—which is a steal!

Gordmans Grand Opening Tour-3
Gordmans Grand Opening Tour-4

Wall art and accent furniture were my next stops and they did not disappoint. The wall art I looked at was priced anywhere from $10-$50 and I could have bought so many of them! The large canvas pieces were a bargain and would make huge impact in any space. I was very impressed with the selection of accent furniture, from foot stools and small loveseats to bar carts and side tables. You could accessorize any space in your home with the pieces Gordmans offers.

Gordmans Grand Opening Tour-5
Gordmans Grand Opening Tour-6

Speaking of home décor accessories, their throw pillow section is on-point. There are so many styles to choose from, not to mention they have them arranged by color, so it’s easy to shop and looks like the most beautiful rainbow! I scored a total of three throw pillows and two of them came as a pair for only $9.98! My only regret is not buying the other set…what was I thinking? It’s always nice to have a store you know you can go to and have success finding certain things. Gordmans is a go-to for throw pillows and doesn’t disappoint.

Gordmans Grand Opening Tour-7

As if their low pricing isn’t enough, you can find these ‘Last Grab Clearance’ signs throughout the store, pointing you to even deeper savings on items they’re getting ready to close-out. It’s handy that they organize these items in aisles throughout the store and point you to them!

Gordmans Grand Opening Tour-8

You know how I said I had certain items on my list, but ended up totally changing that list? Yeah…that all started with these mirrors. I’ve been on the hunt for matching woven mirrors for my office and these just jumped out at me! I had planned for round the whole time I was planning the project, but I think these rectangular mirrors work even better to fill the space!

Gordmans Grand Opening Tour-9
Gordmans Grand Opening Tour-10

The pink buffalo check pillows are the $9.98 pair I mentioned earlier—also the ones I regret not buying all they had. I might need to go check out another local location, because they’ve been making the rounds in our house and they work perfectly—everywhere, from our fireplace hearth to our mid-century accent chairs, to our new front porch swing!

Gordmans Grand Opening Tour-11

I think Cooper the Corgi won most of all from the Gordmans Grand Opening Tour…I mean, look how cute he looks in his new dog bed?!? He snuggled up in it as soon as I laid it on the floor. If we’re honest, though, he’s also been chewing on it quite a bit too. Good thing he’s cute while he’s teething!

It was so fun experiencing Gordmans in a whole new way—especially during their excitement of the Grand Opening Tour! Have you shopped Gordmans recently? I’d love for you to post your finds and tag me ( @hprallandco ) on Instagram HERE!

***This post is sponsored by Specialty Retailers, Inc. All photos, words, and opinions are my own.