How to Create a Simple Centerpiece

How to Create a Simple Centerpiece by H.Prall & Co. 

I wanted to chat a little bit with you today about everyday centerpieces + table-scapes. Now, I’m in a lot of houses and see a lot of sad, empty tables + islands. I 100% understand that centerpieces can be considered clutter or difficult to maintain, especially with littles around. I’m here to make a case for them, though, and show you they can be simple, tasteful, and easy to move if you need to.

Simple Centerpiece featuring a vintage truck and a potted plant. |

My easy formula for creating a centerpiece or table-scape:

1. Start with a table runner or decorative placemat/charger. If you don’t want to worry about spills on a table runner, a decorative placemat/charger serves the same purpose of framing the centerpiece, without the extra fabric. You can find a couple of my favorites HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Using a cakestand as a simple centerpiece by H.Prall & Co. 
Kitchen + Island Styling via H.Prall & Co. |
Tips to create a simple centerpiece from H.Prall & Co. 

2. Add a tray or bowl. The size + shape of the bowl can vary depending on whether you choose to use a table runner, placemat, or charger. Also, consider what you’ll be putting on or in the tray or bowl when choosing the size + shape. My top-three favorites are HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Living Room Layout |

3. Layer in accessories. Choose flowers, greenery, decorative objects, or a mix to create the final layer in your centerpiece. I choose items that will fall below the eye-line to keep the display clean and allow for easy conversation and eye-sight over it. You can find accessories that will work in several different centerpieces HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.  

Table centerpiece from H.Prall & Co. |

And it’s that simple! Once you have the formula, creating the perfect centerpiece or table-scape will be easy-peasy every time!

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with to dress your tables and make them pretty!