How to Create More Seating with a Sofa Table

How to Create More Seating with a Sofa Table via H.Prall & Co. |

I’ve been in several client's homes recently that all had one thing in common — the need for more seating. It takes a little creativity, but you can often add seating in unexpected ways.

One area in almost everyone’s house that is a tough spot to figure out seating for is the basement. They’re often a long, narrow space and it seems natural to line the room with furniture. That’s not always the best or most stylish option, though.

I’ve come up with a seating solution for basements, especially, but this can work in any space that can accommodate a larger piece of furniture. Sofa tables are often used as a way to add style and layers to a space, but they can also serve as a place for added seating!

Additional seating area created with a sofa table - H.Prall & Co. 
Chicago Cubs styled basement |
Basement seating created with a sofa table | H.Prall & Co.
Chicago Cubs styled basement with a handlettered wall |

This Chicago Cubs/sports-themed basement is one of my favorite projects! I love blending theme-inspired décor with more grown-up options to create a functional + stylish space and this was the perfect setting to put that into action.

One thing we really needed in this space was seating. My client wanted to have a cozy space for watching games + movies, but also to have enough room to entertain friends + family, plus…she wanted a shuffleboard table. This was a lot to put into the room, but then I came up with an idea to add a top to the shuffleboard table and use it along the back of the sectional, creating a sofa table (you can find a similar table HERE). We added stools under the table, creating 6 additional seats in the room (you can find the same ones HERE)! The stools can easily be used to face either the television or the pub table in the back of the room.

Additional seating created with a sofa table and aqua barstools |
Aqua barstools + a sofa table create extra seating in a living space. |
Living space with striped curtains, aqua barstools, and neutral furniture pieces. |

Another basement I helped to lay out and decorate was an enormous space and had room to support several seating areas. I again suggested using a sofa table for additional seating that then helped to extend the television viewing area. This table is a lot smaller than the shuffle board sofa table, but we were still able to create seating for 4 more people. (The table pictured is no longer made, but you can find a similar one in length HERE and the exact stools HERE).

Using sofa tables + stools to extend seating is not only a way to make your space more comfortable for guests and family, but it also creates a place to play games, do homework, or serve meals.

If you’re struggling with how to add more seating in your space, especially a basement, get creative! A sofa table might be the perfect fit!