How to Get the Perfect Pixie Haircut

How to Get the Perfect Pixie Haircut |

I think we can all agree that our hair can make a big impact on our attitude and especially on how our day will go. If it’s good…it’s great. If it’s bad…it seems like the end of the world. Poor Jason has been on the receiving end of my bad hair days—lots of crying and with a side of anger. Most of my bad hair days have resulted in bad haircuts. I had a few years early in our marriage when I bounced around from stylist to stylist, attempting to find one who would get me—and my hair.

A few years ago, I had stumbled onto a blogger/influencer account named Whippy Cake. She shared a lot of beauty tips and tricks, but what I was most interested in was her platinum pixie cut. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen and, bonus, she and I had similar hair types! Thin and fine are the name of the game where my hair is concerned. I’m always trying to fight it with products and tools, but at the end of the day, it is what it is. I’ve had medium to long (for me) hair in the past, and the only time it really looks good is when I’ve fought it with a straightener or a curling iron. I just don’t have the energy to devote to that every day, friends, so when I saw THIS pixie cut…it was love at first sight.

Once I found the cut, I had to find a stylist I could trust to make it happen. I found myself back at a salon I’d gone to once before, but this time, I was paired with Abbey, the owner. I think I went to her a couple of times before we actually did the full pixie cut; each time she’d cut my hair a bit shorter. Once I had the pixie cut, I felt so liberated! I literally had a good hair day EVERY DAY! Of course, being the person that I am, after about a year, I needed a change and started growing it again.

Since then, I’ve had all different lengths, usually landing at a chin-length bob, or a bit longer. I’ve once again been wanting a change lately, though—and, truthfully, have been tired of doing my hair, only to have it look “meh”. So, I chopped it off again! The last time I had the pixie haircut, I had so many comments and questions about it, so this time, I had Abbey write it all out for me!

My hope is that, if the pixie haircut is something you’d like to try, that you’ll be able to take these instructions to your stylist, along with pics, and recreate the same look!

Pixie Cut Instructions by Abbey Lytle, Anani Salon and Spa:

This cut is great for fine hair—I especially like using my razor to create multi length shape and texture.

  1. Start in the nape area. Section below the occipital bone. At a 45-degree angle, use fingers as a guide to create length. Use a traveling guide. 

  2. Section out top crown area from recession to recession. 

  3. Section above occipital bone hold fingers straight out from head. Use a traveling guide until ears.  When your guide reaches the ear section and forward, over direct these sections back. Leave the hairline sections alone as we will add our own detail at the end. 

  4. Connect the top sections to the sides.  Over direct each section back to the previous, leaving extra length in front.  Cut the front section to fit the guest’s facial features, and how you are wanting it to lay. 

  5. Remove bulk and create texture as you are cutting each section to prevent over thinning. 

How to Get the Perfect Pixie Haircut |
How to Get the Perfect Pixie Haircut |
How to Get the Perfect Pixie Haircut |
How to Get the Perfect Pixie Haircut |

I know zero things about any of those instructions…and you probably won’t either, unless you’ve gone to beauty school. However, I have full confidence that you’ll be able to hand these to your stylist and have success in recreating a pixie cut like mine!

I seriously do love the cut. It’s so easy to style and looks good every time! Plus…you’ll get tons of compliments! Be sure to follow Anani Salon and Spa (HERE) and Abbey (HERE) on Instagram! If you’re local to Ankeny, Iowa, I highly recommend Anani for all your salon needs! Happy haircutting!