How to Makeover a Bedroom Closet - Step 4 (of 6)

How to Makeover a Bedroom Closet - Step 4 (of 6) at | H.Prall & Co. Interior Decorating

I’ve been taking a little time every week to work on each of the 6 steps and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Now, I know a lot of you probably move a lot faster on projects and that’s awesome sauce! I’m moving a little slower on presenting the steps to you guys, though, because not everyone works at the same pace and I don’t want anyone to feel overwhelmed (including myself) and I want to give you time to donate anything you don’t want and to grab the supplies that you’ll need to finish-up the makeover!

Step 4 in our Making Over a Bedroom Closet series at

Full-disclosure, I switch my shoes out of our closet seasonally because there just isn’t enough room for them in this space and Jason’s shoes are also in another closet; they must have had a lot fewer clothes + shoes when this 1973-closet was built. I’ve worked at weeding-out what I don’t need, though, and am trying to make the best of the space we have for what I truly use + love. I use a tiered shoe rack to take advantage of the vertical space in the closet and have added inserts to my boots. The inserts help the boots to stand-up straight (space saver!) and prevent creases. You can find the shoe rack HERE and the boot inserts HERE!

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How to Makeover a Bedroom Closet - Step 4 (of 6) at
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Be sure to check back next Tuesday for Step 5 of your closet makeover!