How to Organize Your Pantry with Mason Jars

How to Organize your Pantry with Mason Jars from

I love mason jars—they’re super utilitarian and, bonus…they’re pretty! I collect the blue mason jars…you know the ones that everyone has been gaga over for the last few years, but I really love all of them, no matter the color.

A couple of years ago, I inherited some chippy, open shelves from my aunt who was moving, and I decided they were the perfect spot for me to create a pantry for our bulk items. I bought some new, clean jars + lids and decanted as much from our cupboards as I could (HERE’S a good deal on some—they come with lids already).

How to Organize your Pantry with Mason Jars from

If it’s something I need cooking instructions for, I cut out just that part and tape it to the back of the jar. I used a labeler like THIS ONE to make pretty labels for the fronts of the jars. Truth be told, I still haven’t finished this step…don’t judge—life, you know? I also use both quart and pint sizes, depending on how much of something I have. You can mix and match for your own storage needs!

I love our “open shelving” pantry and love looking at it! Plus…it makes healthy snacking a lot easier! I can easily see all the good stuff, so I reach for it more often!

How to Organize your Pantry with Mason Jars from

This is a quick project that can make your cupboards, shelves, or even counters look much more organized and stylish!