How to Store Essential Oils

How to Store Essential Oils

So, you’re going green + getting healthy, but now those darn little essential oil bottles are everywhere! Am I right? I’m also gonna guess that you’d probably do a better job about using them more regularly if the oils were a little more organized?

My healthy regimen is a constant work in progress, but one thing I’ve done to help get our essential oils a little more organized and useable was purchasing two shelves to store them. I have one in our master bathroom and one in the kitchen; I store oils on them depending on how they’re used in different parts of the house.

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We have three diffusers in the house right now, but I’m hoping for more as I integrate using more essential oils into our daily routine. Now that our oils are more organized and not shoved into random drawers and cupboards, we use them a lot more regularly.

The shelves I bought aren’t available anymore, but I’m sharing some of my faves HEREHERE , AND HERE! I like to use storage pieces that can be mounted on a wall, rather than sit on a counter or table, because space is a precious commodity! Also, when you’re buying anything to use with essential oils, be careful of what they’re made of, because some of the stronger oils can burn through plastics.

I hope that organizing your essential oils will help cut down on clutter and help you use them more regularly in your daily routine!

If you don’t have any idea about essential oils and don’t care about using them, that is 100% ok! If you’d like more info about what I’m even talking about here, send me a reply…I’d love to chat! If you already know about oils and want to order more, you can do that HERE!

Whatever it is that you do in your life to get healthy, I hope you’ll spend some time making it more of a routine. Moving more throughout the day, drinking more water, being more mindful of what I eat…these are all things I’m working on right now to feel better. How about you?