How to Use Color When You Decorate


One of the biggest hurdles I run into when discussing styling and decorating with clients, friends, really anyone, is their fear of using color in the design for their space. I’ve talked about it before here and I will most assuredly bring it up again, but I can’t emphasize enough the importance of using color (at least little pops of it here and there) when you decorate.


I can appreciate wanting a more neutral backdrop for a room and even suggest that to a lot of my own clients. This makes it so much easier to match everything and make sure nothing’s competing; I know that is a struggle a lot of you have and I’m working on some things to make that process a little bit easier. Until then, I want to make the case for bringing at least a little a bit of color into your space and letting it do the work for you!


When my client asked me to find a colorful, fun area rug for her living room, I was so excited. I knew exactly what style of rug I wanted, but wasn’t sure on the coloring—I knew this was the one, though, as soon as I landed on it! Holy cannoli, is it beautiful! As you can see, my client has a very neutral base in her home. Her walls are painted in Sherwin Williams Repose Gray and boy, do I love this color! If we’ve chatted about paint colors before, this one has more than likely come up in conversation. It’s light, airy, and acts as a very warm gray, versus the blues that can often be a part of that color family.  She also has sandy-colored furniture, along with white and gray accents. Her room was just dying for some sort of color and, along with a few pops of some blues and turquoise throughout the space, the rug did an amazing job of interjecting fun into the room and bringing all the other pieces together!


You can snag this beauty for yourself here. The price of the rug is amazing, especially considering its 8’x10’ size, not to mention the impact it has in a room’s overall look!

No matter how you choose to bring some color into your room, I can confidently say you will not regret it! The smallest amount of color warms everything around it, it makes other pieces more vibrant, and it instantly draws the eye to wherever you put it—especially on a mostly neutral backdrop. If you’re nervous about using color in your home, do one big thing (like this area rug) to help all your other pieces come together into a cohesive unit.