Know Your Place(mat)

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If you were to ask me the ONE styling trick I use in (almost) every space, it would be using place mats as a layering piece. Whether it’s on an end table, side table, night stand, or ottoman…I’m gonna put a place mat there.


I do this for a few reasons:

+ It adds a  P O P  of color.

+ It corrals items on a table the same way a tray would—but it’s flatter, cheaper, more versatile.

+ It can beef-up a piece that’s a little wimpy—like a too-small tray or even a plant.

+ T E X T U R E !!


My go-to hot-spots for place mats are Target + World Market—they basically never disappoint. So, the next time your room needs a little extra something, consider your table tops…I’ll bet a little layering with a place mat would do just the trick.