Living Room + Entryway Mood Board

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Moving into a new house, building a new house, or even just trying to give your current home a new look can be so overwhelming! I hear from so many clients that they don’t even know where to begin the process, let alone, how to make all the decisions.

I know that a lot of folks think that hiring an interior decorator seems like a luxury or something that’s out of reach, but it really can be accessible and is so worthwhile!

I met with a couple a few weeks ago who are moving into their newly-built home soon. As I’m writing this, I legit think they are moving in today. How exciting!! They were ready to get rid of some of their starter furniture and décor and wanted their new house to feel like a home right from the start. This is such an important point that I can’t stress enough to you! I hear so many times that people have lived in their houses for years and haven’t hung anything on the walls, or they haven’t done anything to make it feel like a home or a finished space.

Now, I’m well-aware that most of us have budgets and buying all new things for a house isn’t always in the budget. I would make the argument that there are benefits to getting rid of things you don’t love and bringing in the pieces that will give you joy in your space…right from the start! I always suggest to clients that they sell anything they don’t love and that they don’t want to be in their newly-designed space. This will FREE-UP MONEY to buy new things and will FREE-UP their brain space to be able to envision how the space can look, without seeing their old things in it.

If clients don’t have the budget to support having me come in and help them shop or style their space, I do offer the option to purchase Custom Mood Boards to make the process a little bit easier. A mood board offers a visual interpretation of what I think will look good together in the space, as well as, a clickable shopping list to make purchasing super easy. The mood board also includes some direction as to arrangement of furniture and décor. It’s the beauty of hiring an interior decorator, without all the commitment, both time and financial.

The Custom Mood Board I worked on with my clients for their house is so lovely! They are admitted color-phobes, but still wanted an interesting and well put together space—right from the start. The design is current, mixed with traditional, and a bit of mid-century thrown in. Clean lines + texture + hints of color will make this space inviting, without being over-the-top or cluttered.

If you’re interested in a Custom Mood Board for yourself, you can find more details HERE. You can also shop the mood board I created for my clients…because it’s a good one!

I love helping clients create a home they love and that’s actually livable! Does that seem like something you need? It doesn’t have to be an elaborate process; creating a home that you love really is within reach and something you don’t need to wait for.

Whether you’re ready for a change in your home and would like to work with me, or you’re excited about using the mood board I’m sharing here today—happy shopping!


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