Master Bedroom Shopping Checklist

Master Bedroom Shopping Checklist from | H.Prall & Co. Interior Decorating

Out of all the clients I’ve worked with, very few of them have had me help them with their master bedrooms. It’s not that they don’t need help, don’t want help, or don’t think I can do it. No, friends, the truth is that most of us put-off decorating our master bedroom until last. No one really sees it and it’s just for sleeping, right, so it’s not really all that important.

I’m here to encourage you to think differently, though. I know our bedrooms aren’t usually seen, although, with newer, open-concept homes, the master is often right off the kitchen or main-living area…so chances are, guests are going to catch (or sneak) a peek. Above the occasional house guest seeing our sleeping quarters, though I think the importance of taking the time to decorate our master bedrooms is so much more! A master bedroom is a place we come to at the end of the day to unwind and (hopefully) get a restful night’s sleep. It’s also a place we spend time reading, talking with our loved-ones, and getting ready for the day. My dream has always been a nice, bright space for a full-length mirror, so I can see how my outfits look from top to bottom. When you have a plan for a space, it’s so much easier to make the things you want happen!

We just moved into a new house a couple of weeks ago and then I had a major surgery less than a week later. People were very surprised to see that we took the time to set our bedroom up in the new house with all the other things we had going on. Don’t get me wrong, it’s by no means done, but we (maybe) did more than others would have to get it ready.

Master Bedroom Shopping Checklist from | H.Prall & Co. Interior Decorating, Des Moines, IA

First things first, I knew I wanted the space painted. We decided a long time ago that it’s worth the money for us to hire someone to paint for us, so whether you do it yourself, or hire someone, I would suggest painting your master closet, master bathroom, and master bedroom right away. You’re not going to want to take all your clothes out of the closet once they’re in there…and it’s nice to start with fresh paint (especially if it’s bright green like ours was). If you’re already painting the closet, you might as well knock-out the bathroom and bedroom too.

Once you have the painting done, you can take your time doing the other things, but at least you’ll have the perfect backdrop for arranging furniture, hanging curtains, and displaying art. The other reason to paint right away is so that you can make purchases for the space with a clear picture of how they will look with the wall color. Now, I’m a super fan of white walls (we chose Sherwin Williams Greek Villa for our entire home), so that’s pretty easy to envision, but if you like more colorful walls, this step will be so helpful for you. You can even carry a paint chip with you while you’re shopping to make the matching game a little bit more fun!

In the weeks leading up to our move, I was inventorying in my head the items we own and figuring out where they would go in the new house. If I knew they had a ready-home, we marked them that way. If I wasn’t sure where they were going to go in the new house, I marked them “Basement,” to be dealt with later. That way, I wouldn’t have to move things multiple times trying to figure out where they needed to be. It has also made our main level very un-cluttered; even though it’s not even close to being decorated, it still feels warm + welcoming, instead of being filled with boxes + mis-placed furniture + décor.

Included in this inventory planning was how our new master bedroom was going to be set-up. I knew placement for all the pieces we were moving from our old house (some were in our bedroom there and some were being moved from different rooms) and have also been creating a shopping list of pieces I want to get once we’re established a little bit more here. I don’t want to go too crazy buying right away because I’d like to get a feel for the space first…not make impetuous decisions (which I sometimes tend to do).

Now…about that shopping list…

All rooms vary, as well as our own personal needs for them, but I do think each great room has a basic list of items it needs to look well put together. Decorating a whole room, especially if you’re trying to do it all at once, can be over-whelming! There are a lot of moving parts and, if it’s not something you especially enjoy doing, the process can seem daunting. I want to make that process a little bit easier for you, so I’ve created a FREE Master Bedroom Shopping Checklist to get you started! I would love for you to take the time to create a space you can enjoy at the end of the day…or one you can enjoy showing off to those house guests who insist on a tour!

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Happy shopping (and decorating), friends!