My Favorite Beauty Products

I'm sharing my favorite beauty products over at!

I can still remember being in college, and having never really worn make-up too regularly, going to the Clinique counter at the local department store and having them do a "make-over" on me. You know the kind...when they do your makeup and then try to sell you every.single.product. they used on your face that day? Yeah...I was an easy target. Had a credit card my parents paid for burning a hole in my pocket...and surely I needed all of those products to be the confident college student I wanted to be. I stayed true to Clinique for a long time, pretty much only buying their products. I mean...I'm sure we can all remember their Black Honey Almost I right? It's actually pretty fab and made my list of make-up and facial care favorites that I'm sharing with you.

I love to know what beauty products other people are using! It's always amazing to me how many products are on the market...and it's impossible to try them all. That's why I like to find items that others have tried and, even better, like!

So, I'm sharing a list of my personal faves with tried and trues. I don't wear a full face of make-up every day, but at any given time, you will find most or all of these in my makeup bag of tricks and/or I will be wearing them.

Hopefully you can find some new favorites...and do your own beauty counter makeover at home! Happy shopping!