My Favorite Picks from Pier 1

I’m sharing my favorite picks from Pier 1 over at! | H.Prall and Co. Interior Decorating

How is it May already?? That's completely banana boats! Also, I was told that April showers bring May flowers, but what do May showers bring? All they seem to bring to me is a crabby attitude. Ha! Hoping it warms up soon so we can actually do some work in the yard. It's been a little here and there, but nothing substantial. I also have 5 new perennials in the garage, waiting to be planted--I had to hide them in there from the frost warnings we've had. 

I'm sharing some of my favorite picks from Pier 1 with you today. I'm loving so many things and trying to decide which pieces would pack the most punch in my space! I have no need for the buffalo check arm chair, but it's staring me down pretty hard! Which is your favorite? 

Happy shopping!