My Favorite Picks from T.J. Maxx

My Favorite Picks from TJ Maxx you are reading this, friends, we are in thick of moving out of our house! I still can't even believe this day finally got here! After 16 years living in the same's almost surreal. I'm so excited to be on a new adventure with Jason by my side, to enjoy a new home together and share it with our friends and family! One of the most exciting parts of a new home is decorating it! My decor purchases have definitely been on hold because I haven't been sure what we'd need and also, let's be honest...I wanted no part of packing up more things...b/c, ugh. Watch out, though, friends, after we do move it! I'm excited for all the things!! I cruised around the TJ Maxx website and picked out some major goodies! Whether you have a new house too, or just want to add a little fresh style to your current home, there's something for everyone! Happy shopping!