My Favorite Shoe Picks

I’m sharing my favorite shoe picks over at! | H.Prall and Co. Interior Decorating

When I was younger (even just 10 years ago), I thought I could wear any old shoes and be just fine. age has caught up to me and I now realize that the quality of your shoes does matter--for lots of reasons! One of the most important reasons you want to wear good shoes is to protect your feet, legs, and back. It's crazy, but wearing ill-fitting or shoes that don't support your weight or body, can be really hard on you. Another reason to buy quality is that they will last a lot longer! If you're anything like I am, you wear the same shoes on repeat. If you want them to last longer than a season, investing in a good pair will help them do that! I'm sharing seven of my favorite shoes with you here and trust me when I say, I've had them all for over a year--some are going on like five years--and they're still going strong! I like to be comfortable, but still look cute, and these shoes all do the trick. Several of the ones I've shared here are on big-time sale take advantage while you can! Happy shopping!