My Favorite Table Lamps

I'm sharing my favorite table lamps over at!

Lighting is one of those things that is so important in a space, but often over-looked. Most newer homes have over-head lighting, including tons of can lights, so the majority of homeowners think…’there’s plenty of light, I don’t need lamps.’ The thing is, though, is that there are really 3 kinds of lighting in a home: general, task, and accent. I won’t get all technical here, but the overhead lighting would be considered general. Your pendant lights in the kitchen would be task. And table lamps, are more often than not, the accent lighting. They’re what makes your space feel cozy and inviting…and can call attention to a certain area of the home that you want to “accent.” I’m sharing some of my faves with you here because I know how important lighting is…and how tough it can be to find the right ones. Not only am I sharing favorites, but a lot of them come as a pair—so helpful and budget-friendly when styling your space. Happy shopping!