Put a Tray On It

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A few weeks ago, I posted a counter-top vignette I had created for one of my clients; this was just about as close as I’ve ever gotten to breaking the Internet.

Kitchen vignette using a tray, pitcher, floral stems, and an orb. | RustopiaConsulting.com

Just so many yummy colors and textures!

Unfortunately, as with many home décor items…not everything in this collection is readily available to buy again. I want to help you recreate the look, though…so I’m sharing where you can get the same items—or something similar.

*Tray—Ok, you guys… I seriously drove to the store where the amazingly chippy and turquoise tray came from. The owner said she lucked out even getting the few that she had, but wouldn’t be getting any more. ||sad face|| I found this one on Etsy—it’s similar in shape, color, and would work just fine as the jumping-off point for the vignette.

*Pitcher—To me, this is the big-hitter of the whole display. I just talked to a sales gal at my local Kirkland’s (where this light blue beauty originally came from) and she said that they just got told from their corporate office that nothing they carry would be a “regular” item. Basically…if you see something in the store that you love…buy it…it might not be there forever! Luckily, you can still buy the pitcher online here (if you can’t find it in your local store).

*Florals—Now, I talked a couple of weeks back about the stems of blue billy buttons. Those were, unfortunately, one of the items that Kirkland’s isn’t getting back in stock—at least at this time. A couple of different options I’ve found that would work just as well are here and here. The other stems that you’ll need to create the look are long stems of yellow flowers. I got the ones for this display at Kirkland’s as well...and, well, you can guess where I’m going with that. Luckily, you can get a similar stem here or here.  

Kitchen with white cabinets, granite counters, and a colorful vignette on the kitchen island. | RustopiaConsulting.com

*Wooden Orb—Again…I found the original white-washed orb at Kirkland’s. It currently shows out of stock online. You can shop other orbs here and here…or for a little sparkle…here.  

*Plant—I found the plant pictured here at TJ Maxx; it’s usually my go-to for faux florals and greenery. The inventory there is always changing, so you need to visit often to make sure you’re seeing all the good stuff they offer! I also saw this 8-pack of small succulents that would be so helpful to brighten up lots of tablescapes and shelves around the house!

I love how much interest you all had in this counter-top vignette and want to create lots more “shop this look” information in the future! Be sure to comment on my photos and posts on Facebook (follow me here) and Instagram (follow me here)…as well as ask me questions through the Contact Me page and I will be sure to give you as much shopping info as I can!

Kitchen counter vignette using a tray, pitcher, floral stems, and an orb | RustopiaConsulting.com