Short Curtain Rods for Window Treatments

Short Curtain Rods for Window Treatments from

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What in the world does this have to do with anything? I’m getting there…no worries.

So, I go into a lot of pretty new homes with pretty windows and window trim. I would say 95% of the time, I’m told: “My husband doesn’t want to cover up our view with curtains.” And I get it. You’ve worked really hard to get into that pretty new house and you don’t want to start ruining all the beautiful features you paid good money for.

Here’s the deal, though, curtains help to make your space look finished and polished. One concession I try to make with folks is to add short curtain rods to two windows on a wall. You won’t block any of your view and the rods are short, so they don’t take up a lot of visual space on your wall. This is especially helpful when you have multiple windows; instead of putting a pair of curtains on each window, you’re only going to use one pair total on all the windows (one on the outside edge of the two outer windows). So confusing to describe…thankfully we have the power of imagery!

Short Curtain Rods for Window Treatments-2

(Picture credit: Rebecca Driggs)

Instead of being worried you’ll be covering up your view, let your windows stand out and be well-dressed…not hidden in a corner with no curtains.