Thanksgiving Tablescape Round-Up

Thanksgiving Tablescape Round-Up |

We don’t host Thanksgiving at our house, so it’s usually a holiday that goes without being decorated for. Also…literally all my décor is still packed away in a mountain of boxes, and I’m not super motivated to find it, especially since Christmas is knocking very loudly at my door. I am getting so much inspiration from Pinterest right now, though, and thought I’d share some of my fave tablescapes with you…in case you need some last-minute inspiration for your own holiday table! (Watch out, Christmas…because I will be decking the halls for you!

  1. LEMON THISTLE – Oh my goodness, you guys…this table is so simple and lovely! I actually think I could get this pulled off with just a few pieces from around the house and a quick trip to the Dollar Store! I love all things kraft paper…so, this look gets an extra vote from me!

(Photo credit and full blog post from Lemon Thistle.)

2. THE CHIC(ISH) CHICK – This fellow Iowa girl is after my own heart with her beautiful tablescape! Not only does she share a lovely and sparkly Thanksgiving display, but she takes it to the next level, sharing how to repeat several of the same items in two other table designs. You know I love to be thrifty and if something can serve more than one purpose…it’s a winner, winner, chicken dinner!

(Photo credit and full blog post from The Chic(ish) Chick.)

3. PROPER – Ummm…can you say color!!?! I have been craving color from the design offerings in the world and am happy to say that I think it’s coming back! Neutral can be pretty…but these pops of color are just so fun and gorgeous! I also love that she uses a lot of collected items and food even, so the cost of the whole project could definitely be reasonable. ‘Use what you have’ is always the best method.

(Photo credit and full blog post from Proper.)

4. THE WHITE BUFFALO STYLING CO. – Another beautiful display full of collected items! I love that she took the table outside…no better backdrop than nature! All the wood elements add so much warmth and then the sparkle of the green goblets make it extra special!

(Photo credit and full blog post from The White Buffalo Styling Co.)  

5. LIA GRIFFITH – It’s always fun when kids get to feel special and a part of the festivities. These decorations will help make the kids at your Thanksgiving get-together forget that they’re not at the adult table…and they *might* even say thank-you for putting them at they’re own! It doesn’t take a lot to create that special feeling…just a little crafting, so crayons or colored pencils, and a touch of whimsy!

(Photo credit and full blog post from Lia Griffith.)

6. DEAR LILLIE – This look is all about the layers and it’s just so gorgeous!! I love that she used several patterns and textures to make the entire table feel so luxurious! The different types of table service just add to the interest of the table, including the gilded flatware, white plates, and the wood bread boards.

(Photo credit and full blog post from Dear Lillie.)

7. LIZ MARIE BLOG – This gal’s whole house is a dream, so it’s no surprise that her Thanksgiving table is lovely as well! You know what, though, it’s simple and beautiful…and totally achievable! This is what I love about design. It doesn’t have to mean going out and buying all new stuff for every occasion. It’s about having a nice, rounded collection of décor and moving it around to make it feel fresh or suit your needs.

(Photo credit and full blog post from Liz Marie Blog.)

8. SHELTERNESS – Sometimes decorating means using items from the area in which you live. I love this coastal-themed table because it’s something fresh and different, the colors are lovely, but also, it’s focused on using things that are local to the area. Again…’use what you have.’

(Photo credit and original post from Shelterness.)

9. GIGGLES GALORE – This table design is so glam and I know that some of you just love that! I love the graphic stripes on the table cloth and the little pops of gold. If you’re looking for something a little non-traditional, this tablescape is just the ticket!

(Photo credit and full blog post from Giggles Galore.)

10. AT CHARLOTTE’S HOUSE – What can I say about this kids’ table, other than it’s so fun and beautiful…can those two things go together? Apparently they do…because it’s happening and it’s wonderful. Punches of color, activities, and twinkle lights…I don’t think you need much more than that! Well, and snacks…because kids need snacks. I love that she used so many plants too! I love plants…so any way to sneak them to all my designs is a win!

(Photo credit and full blog post from At Charlotte’s House.)

I hope you all get some inspiration, friends! And I promise that next year, I’ll have a Thanksgiving tablescape of my own!