The Top 5 Floor Lamps for Your Home


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I get asked a lot about the lamps that I post in the different spaces that I style, so I thought this would be great info to share with all of you! I would say the majority of folks do not have enough (or any) extra lighting throughout their home. If you are one of those people, you’re missing out! Lamps are so multi-functional!


1. Give off light…obvs. More than that, though, they add layers of light. The more lamps and over-head lights you have, the more ambiance you can create! You can also showcase different areas in your home depending on what you want people to look at.

2. Create height. Whether it’s on a table or the floor, a lamp is a perfect accessory to create the “triangle” shape that is so crucial to design. That height also means that you’re giving more weight to your space, rather than only have smaller, shorter pieces in your display.

3. Add shine + texture. The combinations of bases and shades can help to create the perfect feeling in your space. There’s wood, mercury glass, or metal (brushed or shiny) for the bases and linen, burlap, or silk for the shades. I love to add a linen shade with a bit of a raised nub in it to create a deeper layer of texture in a room.


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I know sometimes it’s hard to picture what certain items will look like in your home, so I’m sharing pictures from my clients’ homes with each of the lamps in them! If you’re on the fence about adding a floor lamp to your space, I think you should go for it! Lamps are one of the first things I suggest to my clients; they take a room from being basic/nice to the next level of stylish! I’ll bet that if you’ve ever been in a home that you loved and thought was well-decorated, there were probably several lamps involved.


I’ll be sharing my favorite table lamps soon…and you’ll be surprised when you see what I pick!