Top 5 Easy-to-Care-for House Plants


Are you scared of owning or caring for real, live house plants? I know it can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! I’m sharing my top 5 houseplants to bring into your home that are easy to care for and will breathe life into your space…literally! Bonus: you can get all the plants delivered right to your doorstep from Amazon. I’ve done it…and it’s amazing!

Plant Shopping Made Easy With Amazon

Amazon has recently created a specific store within it’s site called ‘Amazon Plants Store’ (you can check it out HERE) that has everything you need for all things green. You can order the plants and all the items you might need to care for them with the click of a button! What could be better than an #instaplant? I don’t even know!

Now that you know you can get happy plants delivered right to your house, I’m going to share my favorites that will add that perfect touch of green + are easy to care for!

My Top 5 Favorite Easy-Care Plants


1. ZZ Plant—The name of this plant always reminds me of the movie It’s a Wonderful Life and George Bailey’s daughter, Zuzu! You can’t go wrong with a ZZ Plant. They can handle low-light spaces and are extremely hardy. (Click HERE for more info.)


2. Pothos—I can’t get enough of these plants! I have 2 right now (one in my office and one in our kitchen). They grow to have long stems with leaves running the length of them. They’re great as a hanging plant and will send stems down to the floor as they grow. This plant can be water-rooted, meaning you can take a cutting from it, put it in a jar of water, and it will grow roots. You can either plant the rooted cutting or leave it in the water—it will live there indefinitely! (Click HERE for more info.)


3. Aloe Vera—This is a great plant to have in the kitchen…you can cut off a stem to get to the aloe inside that helps with burns and minor skin irritations. Plus, it’s just a cool-looking plant! (Click HERE for more info.)


4. Kalanchoe—Okay, so you see this plant all the time in baskets from florists. The flowers come in a few colors, but the plants themselves always have dark-green, waxy leaves. I picked one up at an estate sale a few years ago, looking so sad…but it was $1, so how could I say now? I re-potted it and gave it some good sunshine and it has flourished! I don’t do anything special with it, other than making sure it has water when the soil is dry. When it blooms, it’s filled with tiny, colorful flowers that stick around for quite a while! (Click HERE for more info.)


5. Air Plants—If the other 4 plants I’ve listed above still scare you too much, then air plants are the perfect solution. They couldn’t be easier to care for and are tough to kill. Spritzing them with water a couple times a week or giving them a good soak once a week is all they need to stay healthy! Also, no dirt necessary…you can prop them in almost any decorative piece you have hanging around and that’s it! (Click HERE for more info.)

Fun Plant Accessories

If you’re ordering some plants for your house, you might want a few things to go with them. Here are a few of my favorites.


3. Plant Hanger 

Plants are a great way to add life to your space and they’re not hard to care for if you know which ones to get!