Transitional Living Room Mood Board

Transitional Living Room Mood Board Design from H.Prall & Co. Interior Decorating |

I work with so many clients who are just not sure of what their personal style is. The first thing I do is ask them to add me to any Pinterest boards they’ve started for their home. There are usually some stray items on the boards, but I am almost always able to identify the elements they enjoy. Sometimes it’s a certain pattern. Other times, it’s a type of finish on metal pieces. And then, there is usually an over-lying feel to the board. When I’m creating a mood board for a client, my favorite thing to do is pick and choose from all the elements shared there, and then, pull all of those together in an image for them. Being able to see what items will look like together is such a help for my clients! It allows them to visualize what their space can look like. 

The pieces I’m sharing here are a mix of traditional and modern styles—or sometimes known as transitional design. I also included a few pops of farmhouse into the mix, so that the look is even more flexible for everyday homeowners. 

I hope you can gain some inspiration from this mood board that will help you in your own space! You can shop this whole look for your home, or just select a few of the items to add into what you already have. Happy shopping!