What Makes a Collection?

As I sit here writing, I am surrounded by collections, upon collections, upon collections. I like stuff...and a lot of different kinds of stuff. I tend to focus mainly on mid-century-born items: Pyrex, afghans, Ironstone, blue Mason jars...with a myriad of other knick-knacks thrown in for good measure. None of the things I gravitate toward are necessarily priceless, or worth a lot of money, but they bring me happiness. I know we shouldn't derive pleasure from owning things, or thinking that we're somehow special because of them. The happiness I get from my "grandma" collectibles isn't that of status; the colors and nostalgia tied to each piece are what make me smile. I enjoy thinking about who might have owned all of them...what delicious foods might have been made using one of my Pyrex bowls, what pretty bed one of my afghans might have laid on, and what a simpler time it was when these, now collectibles, were once everyday items. 

Shelves of bright Pyrex dishes. || RustopiaConsulting.com

Even if you don't think that you collect anything, I'd be willing to bet that there's something that you are drawn to, whether it be books, jewelry, shoes, make-up, *ahem* wine bottle corks. A collection doesn't have to be items that you set out to purchase, it could come together organically, over time.

Now that you've admitted that you could, maybe, possibly have a collection of something...anything...put it on display! Your home is not only a place to live, but it should also make you feel peaceful and happy when you are there. Surrounding yourself with things you enjoy can help remind you of all the goodness in your life and make going through your daily routine a little bit easier. 

Colorful and eclectic wall decor. || RustopiaConsulting.com

I often stress to my clients the benefit of a collection because the items themselves are ready-made decor! It's possible that you could have most of what you need to pull a room together just by combining the lot of whatever it is you love and creating a meaningful vignette, full of impact. 

Vintage Christmas ornaments grouped in glasses vases and bowls. || RustopiaConsulting.com

I'm pretty sure I have you thinking right now about what accidental collection you might have. So, I challenge you to find those items, pull them all together, and make a great display. It will surely make you smile and be a creative use of your everyday items in a decorative way.  I'd love to see the results if you're willing to share!

Stay Stylish,