What's a Pouf?

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So, floor poufs…have you heard of them? Seen them? I basically can’t get enough. They’re adorable, flexible, and actually…functional.

Home office with a pink couch, a gallery wall, and black floor poufs by RustopiaConsulting.com

Most of the time when I suggest floor poufs to a client, they look at me like I’m absolutely crazy. I mean, I am a little bit…but not because of the poufs. In almost every room there is an awkward space that would be fine without adding anything, but can be amazing when you add a little round ball of goodness to it. Better yet…add 2!

Living room design with a black and white area rug, and sage green floor poufs by RustopiaConsulting.com

Floor poufs come in lots of colors and textures…which makes them perfect for so many spaces! They give that little pop of something extra without being a dreaded pillow (hello to any men reading this…I know you really don’t like pillows). You can also use floor poufs to stand in as a foot rest or extra seating! And, yes, I’m a full-grown adult and the poufs are accommodating to my size and are pretty comfortable!

Living room design with a sectional couch, a yellow accent chair, and blue floor poufs by RustopiaConsulting.com

Next time you’re looking for something a little different and fun for your floor space…try a pouf! I found some good options here and here! I’d love you to share your poufs, whether you have them already or are on the hunt. Tag me on Facebook @rustopiaconsulting or Instagram @rustopia_consulting.