Why Use a Stylist

There are so many things I wish I were good at doing...dancing, golfing, drawing...math-ing. We can't have everything, though, eh?

One thing I feel confident in, though, is my ability to decorate and style a room. For years friends and family have asked how I know what will look good in a space or how I know how to place furniture. The answer I always give is that I don't really know; my style eye is something that's come naturally to me. While there are decorating rules, and many more things I want to learn about the craft, it's really instinct that helps me to pull a space together. 

If decorating seems impossible to you or you just need a little help making your house a unique and personal space, I'd highly recommended hiring a professional to guide you through the process.  

A list of reasons to hire a home stylist. || RustopiaConsulting.com

A style session doesn't have to mean a big commitment of time or cost a lot of money. After a short consultation, I'd work with you to design a plan that would create the space you've been envisioning (or wish you could envision). It would then only take a few hours to put the plan into action; you'd be enjoying a freshly-styled home in no.time.flat. 

If you have any questions about what a home decorator can do for you...feel free to contact me!  

Stay Stylish,