I had lived in my house 7 years when I finally got help from Hilary at H.Prall & Co. I had gone from how it was, to how I thought I wanted it and I ended up still being unhappy with the results. Hilary helped me see my space and my things in a whole new way. She listened to what bothered me and what I liked and took everything to whole new level. I'm proud of my home and love where I live. That's what Hilary does - she helps you love where you live.

-Jill Niswander



Hilary has been a great asset to me as a Realtor.  She meets with my sellers and assists them in making their home move-in ready.  She is very polite, succinct and always follows up.  I truly do believe she is the reason several of my listings get multiple offers within the first 24-48 hours.  Worth every penny!




Hilary, where do I start? We have lived in our home for 8 years. I have decorating anxiety, if that is a thing. I bought things but could not put them together. I saw so many styles I loved but could not make anything work. You listened to what I wanted, came into my home and transformed it. My house feels like a home for the first time! I love the light, the curtains, but most of all I love the gallery walls you created with pictures that mean so much to me.
You have a great eye for decorating, you were great to work with, and your talent shows in my home.

-Heather Burkhart



When my husband and I remodeled our split-level 70’s house to reflect a more open floor plan, I became so irritated with the decorating.  Although the layout was open and modern, there was a lack of defined space (like walls can do!) and I struggled with how to fill a now larger area.  The more ‘stuff’ I bought, the worse it looked.  I rearranged furniture and wall art monthly, trying to find a cohesive balance.  The room just got fuller, and not at all what I was trying to achieve. 

Enter h.Prall & Co. with Hilary!  Hilary took the time to layout the floor plan, get to know me and what I like, and check with me with ideas.  When the day arrived for Hilary to execute the décor, I was over the moon excited! But that couldn’t compare with what it felt like to sit back in my living room at the end of the day, look around my space, and know that it was exactly like I was trying to do!  The ideas Hilary came up with were brilliant!  No amount of time spent on Pinterest and pouring through House Beautiful magazines could compare with what Hilary was able to execute. 

We love our living room so much, we had Hilary redo our family room.  It’s perfect, it’s us, it’s personalized, it’s beautiful.  Both myself and my husband just sat back and said WOW!  This is ours?  And no more random shopping trips hoping for the best!  Thanks Hilary!

-Theresa McFarling