Home Staging Consultation Package

Home Staging Consultation Package


Are you in the process of selling your home, or thinking about listing it? We can help! Moving is one of the most stressful times in life and can be such an overwhelming process; our Home Staging Consultation Package will ease some of the burden for you and can help increase your home’s selling potential.  We will help you prepare your home to sell and create a warm welcome for potential buyers!

Here’s what to expect:

Step 1 – Home Walkthrough (up to 1-hour). We will perform a complete walk-through of your home, at which time we will make suggestions for the space and answer any questions you might have.  

Step 2 – Room-By-Room Checklist. Following the Home Walkthrough, you will receive a list of tasks you can carry out to help maximize space and create visual impact within your home. It will be itemized room-by-room, will include specific details we discussed, as well as, a general list of helpful tips to make your home look its best.

Or upgrade!

*We do not provide/rent furniture or props. Homeowners must have their own items to work with.

If you complete your Room-By-Room Checklist and would like help styling your home for the professional photographs or to add appeal to potential buyers, our Staging Session is the perfect complement to the Home Staging Consultation Package!

Here’s what to expect:

Following the completion of your Room-By-Room Checklist, we will come back to your home and style the furniture + décor you already own. - $100/hr.

For more information about the Staging Session Package, click HERE.

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